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Eastern Island: A Unique Adventure in the Pacific

Eastern Island: A Unique Adventure in the Pacific

Easter Island (Rapa Nui), is the most isolated island of the Pacific Ocean, an ancient place surrounded by the largest mass of water in the planet. Rapa Nui is a place of a fragile beauty, where the human was tested to the limit, like all the natural resources available. Today the cultural expressions are alive through the language, music, dances, craftwork, tales and legends that fed the worldwide fame of the furthest point in the earth.
The whole island is an archeological place with an stunning landscape that make the people enjoy this cultural and unforgettable experience. The Moais, those colossal statues that guard the lives of the natives, evoke a sense of myth and mystery that attract travelers from every corner of the world to see and marvel how this people have achieved and preserve the authenticity of his culture.
Every year a few privileged travelers can visit the island and admire all that Explora Rapa Nui can provide, this is nothing less
than an once in a lifetime experience.



5 Days
4 Nights

Eastern Island
Rapa Nui

Travel Style

Day 1 Arrival to Mataveri Airport

Reception at the Mataveri Airport in Eastern Island and transfer to explora Rapa Nui Hotel.

Day 1 to Day 5 All Inclusive Program

All Inclusive Program with The explora Rapa Nui. You can choose any of the 20 explorations that are available.


Day 5 Transfer Out from explora Rapa Nui to the Mataveri Airport.

Transfer to the airport on time to board the flight.



Program Includes:

Accommodation/ Regular services with English speaking guide/Entrance fees/ All meals and open bar



What to bring: Light clothes, closed shoes, sun block. 

In general the weather in the Island is mild all year around.

The main festivity of the Island is called Tapati and takes place during the two last weeks of February. Hotels and flights are booked more less a year in advance, due to the high demand for those dates. Please consider this if your interest on visiting the Island during the festivity.