"You can choose what kind of experience do you want to live, this are some suggestions to keep in mind. All our programs are possible of customized".



Our programs are designed for those who dream to be closer to the nature, live amazing experiences and enjoy what the landscape has to offer in terms of adventure. These programs dare our guests to test their adventures skills in an active and luxurious way.

Either if it is climbing a mountain or kayaking a lake, riding a bike in the desert or if the goal is to have an adrenaline shot parachuting in the central valley of Chile, our well trained team and professional equipment will drive you far out beyond your expectations.

The intelligence we had applied to the creation of our programs allows our guests to choose them according their different levels of difficulty, type of activity, length of the holidays and expectations, ensuring the best service, safety and quality.


South America is a world of flavors made of the freshest ingredients that nature can provide, which is why the dining experience is recognized worldwide. The Pacific coast offer more exotic products that may tempt the palate which have been mixed brilliantly by Peruvian cuisine, becoming a form of artistic expression. The central valleys of Chile provide the conditions of possibility for producing the best wines of the regionwith an almost infinite variety of choices and worldwide famous, our experts will guide you to find the best bottles, those with tradition and containing flavored velvetywines that  have captured the best of the earth and the sun.

We have prepared tours including the best restaurants and chefs in each of our destinations, enjoy a culinary exceptional experience.

There is always more to learn when is about food, you'll have a meeting with local people who know the traditional and authentic way to cook delicious dishes that will challenge your palate and of course you will learn how to cook it.

The Latin American culture has developed around the table, families and friends share their sorrows, joys and hopes in this way. Whether you're a vegetarian, carnivore or vegan, we have a dining experience waiting for you.


Our family-focused programs are designed to achieve a dream vacation for any kind of family, children, teenagers, adults, grandparents, etc, we invite you to share and enjoy the pristine, remote and beautiful places or in the cities that kept the best that South America has to offer.

Experiencing the opportunity to enjoy amazing outdoor adventures and expand your limits.

Our expertise will help you to build the best program for your holidays and fulfill each family member expectations. 


The most awesome things in the world do not come in a box. If you want a fantastic experience that´s going to remain in your memory forever, this is the place to start. Yes, it is possible to travel differently, if you want to avoid the common tourist packages if you want only the best, you can trust in our team and get the trip you've always dreamed of, we are ready to help you design the travel experience you want.

Having the opportunity to travel to the most impressive and beautiful corner of the world is the best gift you can give, especially when travel exceeds expectations, the world is fragile, but you can reach the most beautiful and faraway places without losing your style.

Traveling is an intimate and unique experience, every trip delivers a worldview that enriches our lives, and the best way to enjoy the adventures to be discovered, is to have the privilege of designing your own trip. Why buy a travel package when you can create your own way to travel? Our programs are flexible and our team of experts will help you design the luxury travel experience that you are dreaming.

Keep your mind open, go out, go further, find your own far out trail.


Everywhere in the world there are unique experiences, special dates, holidays or adventures that are only possible to perform at a specific time, these experiences tend to deliver emotions and create lasting memories are waiting for you and for those who are willing to go there and have a desire to enjoy the world in ways that are beyond the reach of the average tourist. If your spirit impels you to find new adventures in faraway places, we will support you in finding amazing sights and experiences that will challenge your capacity for enjoyment. If you want to travel around South America from end to end, part of the cultural festivities of the Latin American people, going to concerts or music festivals in different countries, this is the best way.

Trying to live the adventure and only see you immersed in the local culture without having to agree timetables and excursions to the rest of the group? With our help you can, because they have the opportunity to know a place and have contact with people at your own pace is a privilege to extract the best out of a trip based on our own interests.


These programs are designed to deliver the most authentic experience possible in a continent that is home to an overwhelming diversity of cultural aspects. Our intention is to guide you in the encounter with the history and roots of each of our destinations, and embrace the Amerindian soul of Latin America, through its music and the wide variety of artistic expression.

People all over the world have developed, through the centuries, highly original ways to live their lives, these authentic elements are what inspire us to go further, to cross the world to learn how others exist. The best way to understand certain places is through its habitants, to interact with the locals it is the only way to achieve real connections that would have been impossible otherwise and thus achieve a better understanding of those places you've dreamed to know.